I was born in a small town in the southern Italy in 1990 and currently based in Melbourne (AU). After studying documentary photography at the WSP Photography in Rome (2015) I decided to start my career as freelance photojournalist.
Photography is the biggest passion of my life, thatís why I do the best I can to put on the plate quality and professionalism.
In Italy I was contributor for a photojournalistic agency and my work has been featured in several national and international journals such as: La Repubblica, Líespresso, Vita Magazine, Sunday Times Magazine, La Gazzetta del Sud and many others.
Iím currently contributing for the agency SOPA Images and it provides me a great opportunity to have my work featured worldwide in newspapers and magazines such as The Guardian, ABC news, Business Insider, SBS and many others.

As street photographer I've been selected among the finalists of SIPA 2020, Miami street photography festival 2019, Aussie street photography 2019.
Through The Lands collective Member.
MEEA Member.




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